State of Minnesota Shut Down

By now you are aware that the State of Minnesota is essentially shut down and no longer in business. As a buyer or seller of wetland bank credits, you are directly affected by the shutdown. How does the shutdown affect wetland bank account holders? With no State government there can be no new accounts established, no new credit deposits, no transfers and no withdrawals. Local Government Units may still approve replacement plans and credit sales can occur, but applicants will be unable to proceed with their impacts because the State cannot debit the appropriate account meaning potential credit buyers are unlikely to purchase credits for a project they cannot complete.

How does the shutdown affect wetland credit buyers? As stated above, replacement plans may still be approved, but until confirmation of account debiting is received from the State, no impacts can occur. This means that as long as the State of Minnesota is closed for business, you cannot impact wetlands and proceed with your project. So, what can wetland bank account holders and credit buyers do? Not much other than contact your legislators and tell them to settle their differences, resolve the State’s budget issues, and let you get back to buying and selling wetland credits.

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