About Us

The Wetland Credit Agency was founded in 2009 as Minnesota’s only independent wetland credit buyers and sellers resource specific to wetland banking.

The Wetland Credit Agency brings together wetland credit buyers and sellers, taking care of all of the paperwork and administrative details. As a seller, we proactively represent your bank with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, US Army Corps of Engineers and Local Government Units, keep you informed of regulatory changes, and actively seek buyers for your credits. As a buyer, we help you find a seller that is priced right for you and your project. For both parties, we take the confusion and frustration out of the process by facilitating a smooth and painless transaction.

The Wetland Agency’s agents are experts in the wetland credit market, having been involved in the wetland banking business for a over 25 years. Allow us to leverage our intimate knowledge of the wetland credit transaction process for you.

Whether you are a seeking credits for a construction project or looking for a buyer for your credit bank, we can help.