3 Steps to Becoming a Wetland Credit Agency Customer:

1 Download our PDF Customer Agreement form by clicking here.

2 Print, complete and sign our simple Customer Agreement form.

3 Scan & email it, fax it, or drop it in the mail.  You’ll receive a confirmation letter from us within a few days.

What we do for you:

  • Represent your best interest with agencies such as BWSR and the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Seek out buyers through our vast network
  • Negotiate sales on your behalf
  • Facilitate the buy/sell process
  • Accurately complete all transactional paperwork
  • Ensure efficient processing and that you are paid promptly


Professional account management for Minnesota wetland account holders:

The Wetland Credit Agency is the nation’s first and only independent wetland credit owners’s agency.  Our knowledgeable agents professionally represent your best interest with all government agencies including BWSR and the US Army Corps of Engineers, while actively seeking out qualified buyers through our website and our network of land developers and city, state and county officials.  We negotiate the most competitive price, and ensure the sale of your credits is worry free.As a client of the Wetland Credit Agency, the sale of your credits at your predetermined price is facilitated seamlessly.  You can even choose to have us complete the entire transaction start to finish while you wait for your check and a full detailed report of the sale.  This means no more phone calls, negotiations, questions about pricing or available credits, forms or mailings; and no more record-keeping or reporting to the state.  The Wetland Credit Agency takes care of all this on your behalf. Click here to sign up and take the hassle and confusion out of your wetland banking transactions.

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