New Wetland Banking Regulations Part I

New Wetland Rules Effect Wetland Bank Account Holders

The rules of wetland regulation in Minnesota have changed.  New rules were enacted in August 2009 and included numerous changes to the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) as well as major restructuring of the rule layout.  Of note to wetland account holders and users of credits were changes to actions eligible for credit, new reporting requirements, and most significantly the switch to a single-credit system.

The Wetland Credit Agency will cover the most significant of the changes in 3 parts over the next couple of weeks.

Part I: Credit Allocations

The Actions Eligible for Credit section of the WCA defines how wetland credits are allocated by various restoration or creation activities.  The Restoration of Partially Drained Wetlands was combined with elements of the former Restoration of Farmed Wetlands action.  Depending on land use and cropping history, credit for Restoration of Partially Drained Wetlands was increased to at least 50 percent and potentially up to 100 percent credit.  The Restoration of Wetland Vegetation action is now limited to use on agricultural sites and was combined with the cropping history criteria of the Restoration of Farmed Wetlands action.  Stormwater treatment areas, mineral extraction sites and other wetland creations were consolidated into a single Wetland Creations category.  The maximum credit allocation for Wetland Creations was capped at 75 percent.  Other actions eligible for credit remain mostly unchanged.

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