Agricultural Case Study: Stevens County Farmed Wetland

A young farm family in Stevens County had been struggling with a 2.2 acre section of farmed wetland for years.  In many years they could crop it, but in wetter years the area would flood ruining their crops.  The summer of 2011 was no exception, and they decided it was time to look into installing drain tile as a permanent solution to the problem.  After a number of conversations with the local NRCS and SWCD offices, they felt like they were getting nowhere, when a friend referred them to The Wetland Credit Agency.

After thoroughly explaining the process, and assembling the necessary forms, the ball was rolling.  In collaboration with Darren Hungness of Landteam in Alexandria an application was drafted and submitted, and within a few weeks, accepted.  Mitigation credits were located to replace the lost wetland, the proper paperwork was drafted and the tiling was completed for the 2012 growing season.

If you’re struggling with a section of farmed wetland and not sure where to turn, contact us to guide you through the process.